Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been so disgusted with ND and their fortunes on the football field that I had no desire to blog about my beloved Irish.
Even when they were 4-1, I wanted to wait until after the USC game and the following "should win" games to make sure they were really back and viable as a major power under Charlie Weis. Alas, they were not as was proven by the season's collapse beginning with the loss to Navy.
Finally they gave up on Charlie and the On the Job Training of a head coach. Charlie is a good egg and we wish him well back in the NFL. He is a great offensive strategist and technician...but not a leader of young men. That was the essential ingredient missing from his skill set and the one which accounted for his downfall. Good Luck, Charlie. We will not speak of you again.
Now, the good news.
We hired a head coach who IS a leader of young men. Any ND fan who watched the Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game last week saw something there we have not seen in South Bend for the longest time...a comeback. Brian Kelly lead those young men, down 31-10 just before halftime, to a 45-44 win. He never lost his composure or his confidence in the face of a huge deficit and his players sensed that attitude and responded.
More on Brian Kelly as we move ahead. Press Conference introducing him is at 1:30pm today and a new era has begun.

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