Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Happened to Our National Pastime

Hard to believe that the commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, has praised Mark McGwire for admitting what everyone knew already...HE WAS JUICED.

This guy should be banned from the game for wanton and willful cheating in using performance enhancing drugs. Now the Cardinals have hired him as hitting instructor and he is to be employed as a coach...are you kidding me?

HE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM BUYING A TICKET. They should have his picture posted at every ticket office and refuse to allow him in the stadium under any circumstances.

Pete Rose apologized and not only can he not be voted into The Hall of Fame, he cannot come to the ballpark or have any affiliation with a team...and for what? What Pete did, betting on baseball games and at times his own team, had no effect on the game or his performance.

I believe that if we had a commissioner with any cajones whatsoever, McGwire would be banned from the Hall, banned from Employment and all his records erased. I would even be in favor of erasing his name from all if he did not exist. We have said, "It's OK to cheat as long as you don't get caught and apologize later."

He has made a sham of the game, the recordbook and integrity.

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Golf Czar said...

It truly is a shame what Selig has done to MLB. By sweeping the steroids problems (problems I have no doubt he knew all about when the HR frenzy was going on) under the rug he killed baseball. It's strange to think that there will be a whole generation of fans who don't remember what the game was like before steroids, HGH, and all the other performance-enhancing drugs. Back when a guy was a great player for hitting that seeing-eye single or double, and not just busting everything he touches right out of the park. I'm sad to say that I'm hardly old enough to remember this age either.